Case type : H1B (COS from F1)
Comments :
I highly recommend Manju Patil for any type of immigration needs. This was my fourth time filing for H1B. I had already worked with two different attorneys. My first attorney didn't even file my case and lied to me whole time. My second time, my attorney did file my case but it was not picked in lottery. Difference between my second attorney and Manju was the guidance. Manju guided and informed through whole process. I didn't feel any stress for not knowing something. She also guided and helped me through my RFE process. She was easy to work with and also available for any query along the process. I am grateful to Ms. Manju Patil and thank her for all the services rendered. Appreciate her enormous knowledge and professionalism in this regard. My sincere suggestion to anybody looking for any type of visa or immigration related problems, please call Law Offices of Manju Patil, CA. You can approach her and be assured of sure success.

Harsimran Singh Randhawa
Carson, CA

Case type : H1B
Comments :
Our company recently wanted to hire two H1B candidates which required an H1B transfer. Being a small company that had never done this before we had very little knowledge of how to proceed. Manju did a great job in helping us with the required steps and paperwork involved in this process. Her instructions were very clear, and the process was quite smooth. If we have needs in this area again we will definitely be using her. And I would recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.

Adam S. BAM Labs, Inc

Case type : H1B Transfer
Comments :
Law offices Of Manju Patil has done excellent service in our visa process.Ms.Manju Patil is very honest and very helpful we highly recommend Ms.Manju Patil for immigration related issues.

Ganapathy Lakshmanan

Case type : H1B transfer / extension
Comments :
Manju Patil is wonderful In helping me obtaining both my new application in 2012 & transfer of my H1B in 2014. Both timing conscientious & efficient.


Case type : Adjustment of Status (Marriage based green card)
Comments :
My husband and I needed the service of Manju Patil to apply for my residency. I was on an F1 visa before I got married. I was very hesitant to contact this office, because we live in Massachusetts and I thought that the distance will be a barrier. Not only we successfully with no stress obtain the approval of our request to USCIS, but the services were affordable compare to many other lawyers' office in my area. I highly recommend this office, as they know the law and know how to make it stress free even with the distance. I never once waited to hear from them. I always received a response to my emails. My husband and I are very happy and satisfied.

Wendy G. H.
Senior Auditor, Amesbury, MA

Case type : Adjustment of Status (Marriage based green card)
Comments :
Manju was an excellent attorney that helped us through our marriage based green card process. She promptly answered our questions by email and phone. She provided us with comprehensive checklists to ensure all materials were submitted correctly. She also answered questions related to employment changes and how it may affect my visa status as I started searching for another job around the time we began the application process. Whenever there were status updates on the progress of our application, Manju also sent copies of the updates from her office. We received the green card in 15 weeks allowing us to have worry free travel abroad. Thank you Manju for your careful attention to our application and supporting us with the process of obtaining the marriage based green card.

C. Kale

Case type : Initial H1B (COS from F1)
Comments :
I had a chance to work with Manju for my H1 B filing. My company was filing H1 for the first time and I was all hesitant on how this would go, but Manju took everything to her stride from the very begining. She perfectly worked with me in the short timeframes we had. She ensured to keep me informed at each stage and helped me with all the documentation. She has the best of professional and organizing skills; just cannot ask for more! I have already recommended her to a couple of my friends and will always do. Keep up the great job. Thanks a lot and wish you the best!

Sushmita D.,
AXIOM Sales Force Development
Richardson, TX.

Case type : Adjustment of Status (Marriage based green card)
Comments :
I have had the chance to work with Manju on more than one occasion and the most recent being my marriage based green card process. Even before I thought about the process I knew I was going to Manju for her guidance purely based on the good experience I had with her before. From day one she was upfront with me with all the documents and fees that I would be requiring for the process. There were no hidden surprises at any point which only strengthen my confidence on her as my lawyer. During the process she was always on time with all the documents and I hardly found any errors, not even a typo in her work. She is very professional in giving advice and I would never think twice if I ever need any legal advice. She understood the urgency of my case and helped me get all my paperwork in place in no time. I spoke to her several times and she was always straight forward and very easy to talk too and whatever issues I had I felt very comfortable sharing with her. She has been very accommodating in many instances and always thought about the case from my perspective and for my benefit. I see these as outstanding qualities for a great lawyer which she is. I would highly recommend Manju to anyone seeking legal help and wish her all the best for her present and future cases.

S. Ahmed
Minneapolis Minnesota

Case type : Cap subject H1B (COS from F1-OPT)
Comments :
I had a great experience working with Manju on my H1b petition with USCIS.The whole application process went smoothly and was professionally run.She guided my company and I through the whole process and was always helpful and responsive.I have the highest praise for Manju. She listens and understands issues first without rushing you. She is a subject matter expert and has the right and practical answers and solutions.Most of all, I like her passion and conviction about her clients.She is always available and has the most pleasing of personalities to boot.I am glad I worked with her and if needed, will do again without hesitation. Thank you Manju for all your help.

Swapnil P.
Incentient, Inc. NY

Case type : Initial H1B (COS from F1 ) & H4
Comments :
Ms. Manju is an excellent lawyer. She helped me and my wife with the H1B and H4 application respectively. This was my first time applying for H1B and I got selected on first attempt. There wasn't any query / RFE with my case. She was good in answering our questions over the phone as well via email. She is very good. It was a very good experience with Ms. Manju and I definitely recommend my friends to hire her as their immigration attorney.

Nilesh V., Pharmacist

Case type : Initial H1B(From H4)
Comments :
I am lucky to have chanced upon hiring Manju for my H1 visa processing. My case was strange and I got an erroneous approval while RFE was issued/pending. In spite of several rounds of discussions with USCIS, they were unable to discover their error. But Manju was extremely patient and pursued the matter to successful conclusion. Even I had lost patience and wanted to stick with the erroneous approval from USCIS, but Manju guided on what was ethically right and in the end we landed with the revised correct approval. I would recommend everyone to hire lawyers like Manju who bring a personalized experience to the table, something those fancy and good for nothing big law firms don't have time for.

Prateek C. Project Manager
1SEO.com Levittown, PA Indiana

Case type : H1B Transfer
Comments :
My employer used Manju Patil's services for transferring my H1B visa. Manju is very professional and detail oriented. My case was very critical and due to time crunches, she sent my packet with over night shipping. She already warned me about all the possible outcomes in advance which helped me prepare my documents perfectly. I did not get any "Request For Evidence" and my visa transfer was approved in just 4 days. Manju is easily accessible via phone and email.
Thank you

Ankit S.
Guidance Solutions

Case type : H1B extension (Part-time)
Comments :
I received the services of Ms Manju Patil when extending my H1B visa in 2013. I was very satisfied with her timely, quick and professional communication and knowledge. Everything went smoothly, she provided substantial information about what she needed from me, and there were no surprises. I will definitely recommend her in the future.

Annika S.
Marketing & Brand Manager
Gourmet Guru, NYC

Case type : H1b Transfer
Comments :
A very big thank you to Manju Patil for her extremely cooperative guidance. She has got thorough expertise in the immigration policies. Her confident attitude will keep you at ease and stay calm in the whole process. She has a very organized approach and kudos to her patience as she is always ready to answer any question at any time. I would highly recommend her name for all immigration visa cases. Lastly I am grateful to her for being so helpful.

Sanuja K.,
Civica Software
Newport Beach, CA

Case type : Initial H1B (H4 to H1)
Comments :
We worked with Ms. Manju Patil on our H1B petition filing and other immigration related questions. Entire process was explained to us upfront and made sure we adhere to the process. It is a very good learning experience to us to work on H1B petition paper work with Ms. Manju. She was available to us to answer any questions and guide us in the right direction. The level of service provided to us is excellent and communications are highly professional. We highly recommend the services of Law offices of Manju Patil.

Vissu K. - Director,
Kiranam Technologies Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

Case type : Initial L1 Visa
Comments :
I was greatly impressed by the efficiency with which attorney Ms. Manju Patil handled our L1 and H1b visa cases. Most communication was via e-mail, and all of our concerns, however minor, were promptly addressed by the attorney. She assured us for the successful outcome, though we had a lengthy RFE and alleviated our concerns. To conclude, she knows how to make the H1b and L1 visa processes successful based on the situation of individual cases, and her guidance made the whole process more efficient.

Sivakumar M., President & CEO
Valgenesis, Inc. Fremont, CA

Case type : H1B (COS from F1 - OPT)
Comments :
I had a great experience with Ms. Patil. I was nervous as my company was sponsoring H1B for the very first time but Ms. Patil helped me very well. She was always on the top of the things and responded promptly to my questions every-time. I would highly recommend her for any immigration questions/ issues.

Puneet G., Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Cal Micro Recycling ,CA

Case type : H1B (COS from F1/OPT)
Comments :
I used Manju patil's service for getting H1B visa. I really liked her quickness and promptness about all details she provide. All the documents for H1B were sent on time and the whole process worked smooth. I got detailed list of documents required for application of H1B and she checked all the documents thoroughly. I was impressed by her depth of knowledge as I used to get answers about all my doubts in no time.

Sawan S., Structural Design Engineer
The Consulting Engineers Group - NM, P.C. Albuquerque, NM

Case type : Spouse visa (CR1)
Comments :
I would like to inform you that my wife is finally here with me, all thanks to your efforts. I really appreciate all your assistance in this endeavor.

Nader V.

Case type : Initial H1B
Comments :
My company has utilized Manju Patil's services for three separate immigration matters. She has handled each with great professionalism and courtesy. Manju is extremely detail oriented. She has always been very patient when we might not have supplied complete information. Finally, Manju is a bargain in the field of immigration law. Her fees are extremely reasonable compared to what we have paid in the past for similar work. The fact that we are in Indiana and her offices are in California has never presented an issue. I would recommend Manju Patil whole-heartedly.

Annie H.
Exacq Technologies, Inc. Indiana

Case type : Initial H1B (COS from F1 OPT)
Comments :
Last week I got the approval from USCIS for my H1B Visa, which was filed through Ms. Manju Patil. I would like to share my experience working with Ms. Manju Patil here. My employer decided to go ahead with Law office of Manju Patil for H1B process after doing enough Google on Immigration Lawyers. I was very nervous thinking about the lottery system, and the number of application that would fall in. It was my last chance for H1B filing as I was on my OPT stem extension. But thanks to Ms. Manju Patil for all her thoughtfulness and support during the filing period. My case was little bit challenging as it was my employer's first time filing case for a H1B and the company was not aware about the details in H1B and also had doubts if my pay would fall under that H1B bracket for skilled professionals with Masters degree, and that made me a bit skeptical.
However, when we talked to her, she explained us very nicely and in detail the entire H1B process, and the paperwork required in my case. She made us feel totally confident to go ahead with the H1B process. She is also very easy to reach on phone or email. We were highly impressed with her quick response. She was extremely fast and efficient in handling all the paperwork and particular in updating us regarding the filing status.
I and my company are thankful to Ms. Manju Patil and her good office for all her services and support. I place on record her colossal knowledge and her way of looking at every minutest detail in this regard. As I am through my VISA formalities, I can undoubtedly suggest to anybody looking for any type of visa or immigration related assistance that here is a final solution to all the immigration related worries. I would like to reiterate that, Ms. Manju Patil has exceptional knowledge of Visa and Immigration related issues and be assured of correct advice and sure success. CHEERS

Nachiket D.
Arielsys Technologies,LLC Birmingham, AL

Case type : Initial H1B (COS from F1 OPT)
Comments :
Manju Patil has been assisting all our non-immigration and immigration needs for Jupiter Software Solutions, Inc for the past 3 years and we had excellent services each and every time. With her services, we didn't have to spend much time about the case analysis, as she took care of the case in each and every aspect and made sure we ALWAYS got the approval(s). With the dedicated services she provides, we never had to look back and have been continuing with her attorney services. Thanks a lot Manju.

Jupiter Software Solutions, Inc. Las Vegas, NV

Case type : Initial H1B
Comments :
My case of H1b was kind of little bit odd since my company was applying the H1b first time and I had my H1b previously approved but I never used it so didn't know how USCIS will response to my case. But without finding any attorney I called her first because she also got my Wife's H1b approved without any query. She is always on top of everything. She responds right away if you have any question. She is perfect lawyer for me and my wife. I would recommend her for any immigration services/consultation.

Anand S.
B.Pharm., M.S., Pharm.D

Case type : Initial H1B (COS from F1 -OPT)
Comments :
Thank you for all your help and hard work Manju. I appreciate all that you did to get our employee an H1B. We look forward in working with you again for future needs.

Arda T.
Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories Chatsworth, CA

Case type : TN Visa
Comments :
My sincere thank you to Ms. Patil for helping my family and I with our TN/TD visa application. She was extremely helpful and went out of her way to assist us with our numerous questions and concerns. She is very knowledgeable and professional and prepared our petition to perfection. I have had another petition for a previous L1A visa done by my previous employer's corporate law firm and Ms. Patil's work was just as good if not better than the "big guys". Our application at the border was processed without any problems and the border officer even commented that she was impressed with the fact that the petition was very solid and complete. Thanks again Manju! Illinois

Mark B.

Case type : L1 to H1B
Comments :
Thank you very much Manju for your great and professional service and successfully getting all our employees H1B visas! I will be in touch to work together in the event we consider green cards.

Dana G.
CheckM8, Inc.
New York, NY

Case type : H1B Extension
Comments :
I had a great experience with Ms.Patil. She promptly responded to all my questions. I highly recommend her and would use her service again for the green card filing.

Wassaya C.
Unicity Intl. Inc.
Orem, UT

Case type : N-470 + Re Entry Permit

Comments :
Comments: Ms. Patil helped me get my Re-entry permit and N-470 approved amazingly fast and was always on top of things. She regularly communicated the status of my case and sent me copies of my permit when it was available. She was always available when I had questions and went in great detail to answer my questions. Her guidance helped me be on top of things and transition extremely smoothly into my new role. I would highly recommend her for any immigration questions / issues and would love to work with her again.
Best regards,
Kapil K.
Google, Mountain View

Case type : H1B Transfer

Comments :

  I was asked by my employer to find my own attorney and I remember calling three attorneys including Ms. Patil and left voice mail with details. Within the hour I got a phone call from Ms. Patil and when I explained to her about my situation that my company is small company with < 25 employees and this would be their first H1B, Ms. Patil immediately accepted my case and I have to admire her confidence. She is very knowledgeable with great patience and answered all my questions without hesitation and she was disciplined about the case at every stage and well prepared to go to next step and kept updating me and my employer of what to expect. I can without any doubt strongly recommend Ms. Manju Patil for your immigration cases and I am sure she will give you no reason to complain.
Dr. Jagadish B., Ph.D.
PSO Laboratory, LLC
Lansing, Michigan 

Case type : Initial H1B (COS from F1 / OPT).
Comments :  I filed my H1B through Ms. Manju Patil and it got successfully approved. I would like to thank Ms. Manju Patil for all her kindness and support during the filing period. My case was particularly complex as this was the first time my employer was filing for a H1B and was not aware about the details and intricacies involved in filing for a H1B and also had doubts if my pay would fall under that H1B bracket for skilled professionals with a Masters degree, and that made me a bit skeptical. However when we talked to her and she explained us very nicely and in detail the H1B process and the paperwork required and fine points regarding my case. She made us feel totally confident to go ahead with the H1B filing. I would like to assert that Ms Manju Patil has exceptional knowledge of Visa and Immigration related issues and she does a very thorough case study before giving you  the correct advice. She is also very easy to reach on phone or email, and me and my employer were highly impressed with her response time. She was extremely fast and efficient in filing all the paperwork and used to send timely reminders regarding the filing status.

Me and my company are grateful to Ms. Manju Patil and thank her for all her services rendered. Appreciate her enormous knowledge and professionalism in this regard. 

My sincere suggestion to anybody looking for any type of visa or immigration related problems, look no further than the Law Offices of Manju Patil, CA.  You can approach her and be assured of sure success.

Best Regards,
Saurabh J.

Better Life Devices Corp.

San Diego, CA

Case type : Initial H1B (COS from F1/OPT)
Comments :
I have worked with Manju Patil for my H1b visa with VBOS. I'm very satisfied with the level of service provided by Manju Patil to obtain my Non-Immigrant Visa to work in USA. Manju is very professional and delivers the required paper work on time and as scheduled. I will be glad to work with Manju for my future Immigration related cases. I am grateful to Ms. Manju Patil and thank her for all the services rendered. Appreciate her enormous knowledge and professionalism in this regard.


Santhosh Kumar Kotapally
Virtual Back Office Software
Cambridge, MA

Case type : Initial H1B
Comments :  

S&D Engineering and Construction, Inc,. used the services of Miss. Manju Patil (Esq) for filing an H1B visa. Throughout the visa paperwork filing process Miss. Manju Patil was very helpful, knowledgeable, responsive and diligent. We got the approval from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in a very short period of time. We highly recommend Miss. Manju Patil (Esq) to anyone who is in need of Immigration Visa related services.

Farrukh Sayeed, P.E. CGC, MBA, MIS
S&D Engineering and Construction, Inc.Florida

Case type : H1B for English Language Teacher
Comments : 

 I would like to thank Ms.Patil Manju for all her kindness and hard work. I came to her on a very short notice, just 2 weeks before my B2 visa would expire and I asked her if she could help me out with filling and obtaining an H1B visa.Not only that she accepted without any mean comments as I've heard from 2 other law offices that i called, but she successfully and professionally managed to file all my paperwork.
I appreciated enormously her immediate responses to all my questions (and I have to mention that I had looots of questions and I couldn't run to her office every time because I live in Brooklyn,NY so all the communication was via email or phone).
I highly recommend the Law Office of Manju Patil because I know for sure that she will succeed no matter how difficult or desperate your case is!
Thank you again Ms.Manju!!!!
Ana C.
English Language Instructor
Metropolitan Learning Institute
New York

Case type : Initial H1B
Comments :

My company is rapidly growing. Finding skilled technical people is difficult. We managed to locate a great candidate who is a citizen of Nepal, but we didn't know anything about visas and had no clue of  how to proceed. Fortunately we found Attorney Manju Patil. She was able to guide us through the H1B process for a very reasonable fee. We first communicated with Manju on 8/21/2011 and began the paperwork process immediately thereafter. 
We received notice of visa approval on 9/28/11, which is far faster than we ever expected. Some of this is due to quick processing by US Homeland Security. Most of it though, is due to Manju's knowledge, experience, guidance and diligence. When the next H1B opportunity arises, Manju will be the first person we call.
John A.
Acres 4.0
Las Vegas, Nevada.

Case Type : H1B (COS from F1)
Comments :
I recommend Maju  Patil for  for immigration needs. She helped us do a H1B petition for one of our employees. This was the first time we were going through this process and she made it very easy to understand and the process a smooth one. She was quick to respond and was affordable.
Peter C.
Dzine It, Inc.
New York, NY

Case type : H1B Transfer (Change of Employer)
:I have been working in the USA on H1B for the last two years but due to my previous employer's carelessness while renewing my H1B visa, he filed in an old application form. Although it was submitted before due date, the authorities returned the packet with a remark stating the docs should be re-submitted on a new format. On account of this, I lost a valuable 1 month and my status tended to be unaccounted for, I was fed up and thought I will go back to India as I had no other option.  Meanwhile, I found a new employer who was willing to sponsor my visa. But they were not aware of any Visa formalities. Then I had an urgent need of finding the right immigration lawyer to help me complete an H1B transfer to a new employer.

By the grace of God, I should mention that I could find this wonderful immigration Lawyer by the name of Manju Patil on the Internet. From the outset when I sent an inquiry, she contacted me over phone and I had a discussion for about 30 minutes.  I poured out my whole story, which she listened patiently and told me not to worry and informed that she could handle this case successfully. She impressed me so much that my Joy knew no bounds.
The professionalism of Ms. Manju is awesome to say the least. She has so much patience and has exceptional knowledge on Visa and immigration related issues and tremendous professional attitude. She explained to me so meticulously that in the event I do not get my receipt of the earlier submission, I should return back to India at the earliest. Then she would file a new H1B visa for me on behalf of my new employer which she did it in the quickest of time possible and also got the Visa approved perfectly on time. It all just took about 3 weeks. I even got my visa stamped at Chennai consulate and am back in the USA.
I am grateful to Ms. Manju Patil and thank her for all the services rendered. Appreciate her enormous knowledge and professionalism in this regard.
My sincere suggestion to anybody looking for any type of visa or immigration related problems, look no further than the Law Offices of Manju Patil, CA.  You can approach her and be assured of sure success.
A Big THANK YOU madam!!!  I know it's just not enough.
Best Regards,
Mohan s.
Roadway Engineering Works, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Case type : Initial Part-Time H1B
Comments :  
I filled my H1 through Manju Patil and got approved last week. Actually, I was lucky to find her online while I was searching for a law firm to get help for the process. I had made several calls about the process of filing and many other questions but she never hesitate to answer all of my concerns even though I was not sure whether I would be using her service. Neither I had any clue nor my employer had any regarding filing H1 but Manju assisted us and recommended me to file H1 as a part time since I would not meet some requirements. At the time of preparing the documents, the quota for H1 was almost full. She was fast and I was lucky that my petition was received on the last day on Nov 22nd, the day when the quota was full. If she wasn't concern, my petition would have never made on that deadline. Glad because of her experience, I had my H1B today otherwise I would be filing for next year. Her service was great and the fee is very reasonable. I would like to thank her for getting my H1 approved without any problem.
Bishwo S.
Covenant Industries,
Carona, CA

Case type : H1B Transfer
:  I was in an urgent need of finding the right immigration lawyer to help me complete an H1B transfer to a new employer. I live and work in New Jersey so I did try a few lawyers within New Jersey and New York. Since my case was very complicated and required immediate actions from the lawyer side in order to win the case, many of them were reluctant in handling my case. I then found Manju who is all the way in California from the internet. I left her a very long voice mail explaining my story and requested for her advice thinking that she was probably not going to return my call. However, within 30 minutes she returned my call, 10 minutes after speaking to her over the phone, I felt hope for my nearest future at that moment.
She knew exactly what she was talking about and was also very patient in trying to help me understand the nature of this case. During our conversation over the phone, she gave me confident in letting her to take charge and start to handle my complicated case. Everything was done on a very timely manner from her side. Shortly after, all documents were prepared and were ready to be filled. Because we filled the request for a transfer using premium processing, a few days after we were provided a RFE from USCIS which I later found out that most case a premium processing does get. At the moment, I was quit worried and did not know what to expect. However, she calmly explained to me what the next steps and alternatives she had in plan to respond to the RFE. Soon after, all supporting documents were created again and submitted to USCIS. I was worried so I tried to reach many other lawyers for their opinions on the RFE, the feedback that all of them gave me was that there was no chance in having an approval. I basically had no other options than just to trust her and give her my last hope.
A few days later, I checked the case status from the USCIS website, and there it was, Case was approved! I was so thrilled and relieved the moment it happened. I felt live again. After all, I want to say that meeting Manju has made one of the biggest impacts in my life. Trust in her abilities and expertise was also the biggest part of my win in this hopeless gamble. Her professional attitude, beyond excellent knowledge, timely act most certainly did help save life.
If any one of you is hesitant to let her help you with your case, and would like to confirm my testimonial, please feel free to contact me at den_ten@hotmail.com. I personally believe that I shouldn't just recommend Manju Patil, I believe that Manju Patil is the only option.
I am sorry if my testimonial seems very dramatic, but the complicated start with the overwhelming outturn had let me to my strong and at the end a reasonable expression.
The word "Thank you" just isn't enough to say to you Manju.
Tian Tian
Taiyo food International, INC.

Brooklyn NY


Case type : H1B Transfer(Change of Employer).
My case was complicated when applied for H1B change of employer. I called up a couple of lawyers and they both said my case will not be approved, or I will have to return to India and wait until next H1B round begins (the H1 quota was already complete).

Luckily, I got Manju's number from Google and spoke to her. She explained me about the laws that would allow us to not only file for an H1B visa, but get it approved too. Her understanding of immigration laws was clearly apparent and I in the first talk itself completely believed that she would get me the visa. Considering the emergency, we applied for LCA over the weekend (no other lawyer in the US would do it!) We sent the H1B papers and today it's approved, in my hand!
I have already recommended Manju to my close friends, and will continue to do so in future. To anybody, who has accidentaly landed on Manju Patil's website and wants to confirm the testimonial, feel free to email me:bhushanpunjabi@hotmail.com. I highly recommended Manju Patil for your current or next immigration case.
Thanks a lot Manju!
Bhushan P.
QS Quarterhouse Software Inc.

Bastrop, TX

Case type : N400 (Citizenship)
Comments :  Thank you so much for all of your help. You were always easy to contact, prompt in your response and very straightforward in your approach. I very much appreciated your guidance. We have no hesitation recommending you for immigration and other cases needing first-class legal work.

Abhijit & Lakshmi R.
San Francisco, CA

Case Type : H1b
(Change of Status from F1 - OPT)
Comments :
We have approached Manju Patil for our non-immigration services to change status from F1-OPT to H1B for one of our employee. She was so humble and patient about hearing about the case, very detail in taking details about the case for her to study and plan accordingly. With her excellent law skills and honesty, she had handled the case in a decent manner and she was always focused in getting us the approval and she succeeded getting us the H1B approval without much efforts from our side. Her service are awesome and which led our decision go with her for all our future non-immigration and immigration needs.
Business Development Manager,
Jupiter Software Solutions, Inc
Las Vegas, Nevada

Case Type : H1b to H4 (Change of Status)

Comments :
I would like to thank Ms Manju Patil for all her hard work to successfully defend my case for change of status from H1 to H4. I had contacted 3 law offices before i consulted her. Not only that she accepted my case without adverse remarks, but she successfully and professionally managed to file all my paperwork. I appreciated enormously her immediate responses to all my questions promptly.

The processing time generally takes 2.5 months for such cases. I had my positive acceptance of change of status within 22 days. This is all thanks to Ms Manju Patil for her expertise in this field.

I would strongly recommend Ms Manju Patil for successful defense of your case

Thank you
Dhvani Vyas
Los Angeles, CA

Case Type : N400 U.S. Citizenship applications
Comments : 
Ensuring timely, concise communication and guidance throughout the process... Manju helped us attain U.S. Citizenship.  We will most certainly and emphatically recommend her services to our friends and family.
Thanks again your patience and help in realizing one of the most important chapters in our life, and making it a pleasant experience.

Best Regards,
Sarita & Ashutosh V.
San Diego, California

Case type : H1B (Initial H1B)

I was very new to south California and I was looking for some good lawyer for my H1-B visa in this area. Fortunately, we found Manju Patil and she was just outstanding. She has very detail knowledge about all the visa processes and we were very pleased and impressed with her dedication, hard work and experience. She helped me with throughout H1B process. We filed through premium processing on 11/01/2011 and I got the approval for my H1B visa on 11/14/2011.
Thank you Manju for all your support and help for my H1B process. I would highly recommend her as a immigration lawyer.
Komal R.
Clinical Pharmacist
San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital

Case Type : Immigrant visa for spouse of US Citizen.

I want to say thanks for all your help in taking care of my Spouse's immigration visa case. Your guidance to put together all the required paper work for the case from start to finish made my case, so smooth that the person interviewed my wife at Delhi Embassy was so, impressed that he said that this is best case, I have seen as far as submitting at required documents for the case.
I am very satisfied with your help and service in my Spouse's immigration case as you have gone extra mile in helping me in computer related issues too like sending documents on line or paying fee on line etc.

So, I am very thankful to you for taking care of my Spouse's immigration case. And Wish you every success and good future in your immigration profession. Thanks.

Raghubir Singh
Virginia, USA

Case Type : H1B Extension, PERM, I-140
I had hired Law offices of Manju Patil for filing of my PERM, I-140, Re-capture of vacation days under H1 and seventh year extension of H1 Visa; All of these were approved without any issues. I am thoroughly satisfied with the way she carried-out the entire process, always keeping me in the loop, explaining the nuances & ensuring that we were always on the same page. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a good Immigration attorney.

Laxman M.
Commercial Manager
Fru-Con Construction Corporation
Virginia, USA

Case Type: H1b
Manju Patil provided her excellent and efficient services in pursuit of an H1B visa on behalf of a Taiwanese employee. With her guidance all required paperwork was easily completed and filed in an expeditious manner and resulted in a visa issued July 22, 2011. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in any immigration issue.
Richard C.
Managing Director

Available Ligh
t Inc.
New York.


Case type : H1B Transfer for Veterinarian.
Comments :  
 " I approached the Law Offices of Manju Patil for H1B transfer for myself and a H4 transfer for my spouse. She came out as a very accommodating person when working with tight time schedules as well as in the quick responses to any queries and requests.She was also very thorough while handling the necessary paperwork. I would like to thank her for all her help and would approach her again if and when necessary." 
Dr. Ravikumar K., DVM, MS
Becker Animal Hospital
San Antonio, Texas


Case type : H1B (Initial H1B)

Comments : We initially contacted Manju Patil for assistance filing H-1B visas , she surprised us with her positive attitude and calm persona. She is highly qualified and responds promptly with effective solutions. We received H-1b visa approval on 11/14/2011 under Premium processing for one of our employees.
I would highly recommend her services!
HR Director
Advaita Technology Corporation

Case type : H1B transfer (Change of employer)
Comments : 

***** (5 Stars)
Ms. Patil was exceptionally professional and always in command right from my first telephone counseling session with her. My new employer was filing an H-1B petition for the first time and I was a bit nervous initially. Ms. Patil made the entire process very easy for my new employer and me. She was very prompt in returning the emails and phone calls and went out of her way to answer any questions we had during the process. I would definitely use her services again and would recommend Attorney Manju Patil for your immigration related work without any reservations.
Tejas N.
Sr. Software Engineer
Fishers, IN

Case type : K1 Fiance Visa
Comments :

Thank you so much Manju Patil for all your help. I really appreciate it.
My K1 Fiancee visa application was approved in Aug 2011 because of all your Good Help..
Now Am Waiting for my Interview And i am sure we will get it.
You're Doing Extremely good Work ..
Jogander Singh
New Delhi

Case Type: H1b

ManjuPatil is highly professional and experienced. She guided me very well to get my H1B visa done. I did not have to worry about any of the formalities needed by USCIS. She handled all the paperwork efficiently and I got my visa within a week of filing. I am very pleased with her services and would definitely recommend her to my friends.

Vidhu J.
Data Linkage Software, Inc.
Torrance, CA

Case Type: H1b
Service Level Rating (1 to 5: 1 being the least; 5 the best): 5
I have worked with Manju Patil for my H1b visa with NRISoft in 2010. I'm very satisfied with the level of service provided by Manju Patil to obtain my Non-Immigrant Visa to work in United States. Manju is very professional and delivers the required paper work on time and as scheduled. I will be glad to work with Manju for my future Immigration related cases. If you have any questions, feel free to email/call me with the contact information provided by her. I Wish her very good luck!
Phanindra N.
NRI Soft, Inc.

Case Type : K3 / Immigrant Visa for spouse of US Citizen


Arizona, USA

Case Type : H1B (Change of status from F1)

For my case, yes it is approved because of you and Blessing of God.

I am very happy with your services. and i really appreciated for that. Also within few months i would like to put my Green Card File, you have to do it.

In my circle i'll recommended ur name for any this kind of work...

Thanks & Best Regards,
Himanshu S.
BAPA Subway,Inc.

Case Type : Immigrant Visa for spouse of US Citizen.

I want to say that we got married and we together the rest of the life but with yours efforts and extended help both of us were together from the different part of the world. you had made it possible. I would with no hesitation recommened your service to any of my family friends as you are more reliable and most important thing is you know the job.our k3 visa was successful without any inquires and the credit goes to you. All the document you asked us to provide for the k3 case was so accurate.i wish you all the best in future and looking forward for you doing our I 751 next year.

Ashish and Prashila
California, USA

Case Type : H1B (Transfer)

I hired Law office of Manju Patil for filing my H1 VISA. I think I made very good decision, as the attorney was extremely careful and very well aware of entire process. The attorney walked me through entire process over the phone step by step, and also very careful of what questions could come up ( giving heads up). The attorney always made sure to reply and call back when I left voice message and so there was absolutely no room for assumptions. I referred attorney to couple of my friends who were looking to file petition for H1 VISA. I sincerely recommend services based on the due diligence.

Mukesh S.
DACM Project Management
California, USA

Case type : H1B
We used services from Law Offices of Manju Patil primarily  for H1b cases of our employees. Her expertize and and knowledge in solving the complex cases are incomparable. We have had multiple complex cases, with change of status from H4 to H1, OPT to H1, and expired OPT's to H1, which got successfully approved. Her quick response and ability to handle cases according to particular scenario's  makes us more comfortable for relying on her in all immigration matters.
Gary K.,
Human Resources Manager
N square Solutions LLC
Texas, USA

Case type : Greencard for parent of US Citizen.
I contacted Law Office of Manju Patel in Sep 2010 because I want to apply Green card for my 72 yo mother who came from India on B1/B2 Visitors visa. She send me the required paper work promptly via E-mail. She filed the Green card in Late October 2010 and We got approval on Feb 2011. During this process, I had a lot of questions. She answered all my questions professionally and promptly. I am really felt happy in working with her. 
I am recommending Law Office of Manju Patel, because she is prompt, professional and Knows lot about US immigration. 
Sreenivasulu B. MD
Quincy, IL 62305

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